Questions & Answers

What time does the event start?

The race will start at midday, (12:00).

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes showing ID to prove your name and age is compulsory for EVERYONE taking part

Where do I get my registration pack?

Your registration pack will be collected at the race. Please arrive in sufficient time to do this, (we recommened arrival before 11am).

Where is the nearest train station to the event?

Waltham Cross or Cheshunt but we advise checking your journey before you travel. Maps from the train stations are available here.

Can I park at the venue?

Yes you can park for free at the Lee Valley Regional Park.

How much prosecco will I be able to have?

As this is a first event this one is a difficult one to answer but we are not intending to run out of the sparkly stuff!

Will I get a medal?

Yes! A custom themed medal will be given at the finish line.

What exactly is the prosecco procession?

You will be offered the special tipple, (water will also be available), then presented with your medal. You will then make your way to the photo area. There will be live commentary, music and of course regular top ups whilst you are at the finish.

Can non-participants join us in the finish area?

No, the Prosecco Procession is ONLY for people that have completed the 5K course.

Do I have to run the 5K course?

Not at all! You can jog, run and walk or simply walk around the course if you wish.

Will I get a time for my 5K run?

Yes the event will be accurately chip timed.

What does ‘chip timed’ mean?

A magnetic strip, (the chip), will be given to you, to attach to your shoe before the start of the run. Readers inside the start/finish mats report the time of day you crossed. Subtracting your finish time from your start time gives the timers your net time.

Who will be timing the event?

Event Chip Timing. To find out more about them, visit their website.


Is your question still not answered? Then contact us at events@activetrainingworld.co.uk

Quick Event Info

Prosecco 5K
5K event followed by the Prosecco Procession: 5K / 3.1 Miles
Venue: Lee Valley Regional Park, Hertfordshire
Organiser: ActiveTrainingWorld